“Model Master”

We are always looking for new and creative ways to model – especially when we realized that we weren’t modeling as frequently as we should.

I recently learned how to create custom stickers with my cricut and have just used them to make AAC button stickers to put on some foam dice to use for activities and games. (https://specialcraftsforspecialkids.wordpress.com/2018/10/07/aac-stickers/)

I chose our words from the PrAACtical AAC’s “Year of Core” words, figuring that every month I could swap out or overlay the new month’s words on the dice. (http://praacticalaac.org/praactical/a-year-of-core-vocabulary-words/)

Today our family created a modeling game that my oldest has dubbed “Model Master.”

We had two foam dice covered in this month’s words, a 1 minute sand timer, and each person had access to a “talker” – in our family we have my youngest’s Novachat10, two iPad minis with Touchchat with Word power, and a touch screen laptop with Chat Editor.

My youngest who is the primary AAC user in the family was the “Hostess” and was encouraged to use her talker (or anyone else’s) as often as she liked (even if it was during our “turn” :)). Of course the more we got into the game the more she used her talker 🙂

The rules for the rest of us:

1) On your turn you rolled the dice and started the timer. Using the talker you created sentences using the core words shown on the dice – earning one point each time one of the words was used.

2) We played until the first player hit 20 (or other predetermined amount). The remaining players were allowed to have the same number of turns as the first player to hit 20 – and the highest scorer is the “Model Master.”

In our inaugural playing of the game I only narrowly beat out my eldest daughter. My husband trailed behind – mostly due to my youngest giving him the extra obstacle of always stealing his talker during his turn! 😉



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